Unbound Expression


Marika Reinke

Marika Reinke

You want unbound self-expression and adventure.

For you, it isn’t enough for a painting to be just beautiful. It must freely express you.  Your adventures, relationships,  emotions and memories are sacred creative acts.  Of course, they are bold and beautiful. They must be honored and expressed.

I honor you. Your experiences are courageous acts of life and love.  They are divine art. They must be painted.

We are meaningful.  We create and connect. We are magic.

 I invite you to Explore

  • My Blog and Gallery offer the fullest explanation of my work and thoughts to date.
  • About  gives you some information about my background, my mission and history with painting.
  • The Shop section explains how to purchase art, prints and how to hire me.


The best way to contact me directly is at marika@marikareinke.com

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