Marika Reinke

Marika Reinke


I’m honored you are interested in me and my art.  Thank you for being here.

So… a little about me?

First off, I generally don’t like to talk about myself and prefer to hear about you first. But if you ask me about something I’m passionate about, I will spill my heart generously.

Admittedly, I am a contradiction but I’m steadfast in my deep thinking approach, intuition and perception.

Best described as a people-loving introvert, I have a varied history in higher education, graphic and desktop design, technology, business and sustainability. I’m passionate about finding potential, enabling transformations, discerning the big picture and removing barriers to life dreams in order to surprise oneself.

I love surprises.  I also love color, the sensual, adventure, freedom, creative challenges, mysteries and learning.

Life is the greatest teacher and for this reason, I am a life-taught painter. Watercolor is my first love which I’ve practiced enough years to be considered a faithful lover. I also embrace acrylics with enthusiastic energy, vision and big-ness. I like to explore mediums and watch them dance with each other in my art. I am up to for learning anything, even if I’m really, really, bad at it.

I love magic, storytelling and connection.

Art is magic.  It is a boiling cauldron of potentiality and transformation. When I paint, I am a sorceress. I am casting, enchanting, waving my arms in great billowing circles. I am unsure. Will this spell work?

Art is storytelling. I work with hands, heart and spirit sprinkled with a little bit of humor to uncover a story that was once unseen and untold, but undoubtedly universal.

Art is connection.  There is no art without people. We create to share, connect and honor our stories. Tell me your  stories, experiences, creations and adventures.  They are amazing!  They remind us we are not alone.

I love art.  Yes, I do.

I like to explore the world, but Seattle, Washington will always be home and in my heart.



I’m available to chat and answer questions via email but I prefer and adore studio visits and a getting to know you face-to-face.


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