Care & Frames

How to Care for Watercolor Paintings

Two basic rules; don’t leave watercolors or high quality prints in the water or in direct sunlight.

I use highest quality materials: widely regarded the best professional quality Windsor and Newton and Sennelier honey-based watercolors, and professional QoR watercolors for vibrancy. I’m in love with Arches cold pressed #140 100% rough cotton paper. This paper captures the water perfectly and with professional quality watercolor, the effect is astounding.

If you follow those two basic rules with high quality materials, watercolor paintings will last a lifetime. My limited edition prints are of equally high quality and printed with archival inks and on watercolor paper that is designed to last 100 years.

Also, if you frame paintings behind glass and the picture falls, damage can occur. Tip! Use two hangers for double security in case they are shaken or bumped.

Affordable Frames

A frame can make the difference between nice and fabulous. However, the cost can be prohibitive. If you don’t want to spend a hundred dollars or more on a custom frame here are some lower cost options that have been recommended to me by customers.

Custom Framing:

Annie’s Art & Frame on Market Street in Ballard, Seattle

Standard Sized Framing

Dick Blick Art Supply Online:
Do you have any favorite framing places? Let me know so I can continue to build this list!


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